Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors Cleaning

Hardwood floors add a sense of beauty and elegance to your home and are also quite easy to maintain. It is possible when you have the best vacuum for hardwood floors by your side. So many brands are committed to constantly releasing newer models and features. It depends on which product can suit your requirements.

Let’s take a look at which is the best vacuum for hardwood floors:

1. Miele Boost CX1 Parquet Canister Vacuum

When evaluated as part of any of the tests, Miele vacuums are always very efficient, and Boost CX1 is no exception. It is sleek and has a portable design combined with a flexible hose. It stands out in the looks and the performance, pleasing customers in many ways. The universal floor head is flipped to switch from carpet to hardwood floors, and there’s no need to change attachments.

However, if you wish to ensure that your hardwood floors are treated in the best way possible, then the Miele comes with a parquet floor brush attachment for even better benefits. The Boost C X1 is the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors. It comes with a Hygiene Air Clean filter with the largest and smallest particles in the filter canister.  It doesn’t move the dust back into the air, so people with allergies can have peace of mind.


  • Neat storage
  • Four suction modes


  • May be hard to clean the carpet

2. Bissell Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum

Hardwood floors present a special cleaning challenge since they can easily be damaged by most brooms. However, this Bissell model has an air-powered, soft brush. It is meant to sweep away particles in the crevices of hardwood floors without even damaging the floor surface. Moreover, it is portable enough to carry to different rooms because of its small size.

Many customers who have tried this model have to say good things about it. Bissell has the functionality qualities and can live up to the high standards of a good vacuum cleaner. Compared to some of our best-tested budget-friendly vacuums it is expensive. However, it is still sold at a great price. It is certainly one of the best vacuum for hardwood floors.


  • Air-powered soft brush
  • Multiple levels for filtration


  • Doesn’t have a HEPA filter

3. Dyson V12 Detect Slim Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V12 has soft nylon and anti-static carbon fiber filaments on its brush roll. It helps take away dust from hardwood floors without leaving scratches behind. Moreover, it comes with a detangling brush bar. This helps to suck hair, without tangling on the brush into its dustbin. You will never leave any specks of dirt behind thanks to the excellent number of the vacuum head’s front-facing LED.  It helps you to find all the nooks around your home.

The digital screen will display how many particles it is capturing and the size of the particles. Dyson turns out to be the best vacuum for laminate floors. The battery works for long hours and doesn’t need to get charged every time.


  • Light on the bare floor head
  • Easy cleaning


  • Doesn’t have a second battery


We have discussed the top 3 best products for your convenience. Choose the one that caters to your cleaning needs. You can choose anyone of them as they are our top picks. Buy now from our list of best vacuum for hardwood floors? Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Happy Shopping!

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